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Is my EHR data safe?

Some EMR companies are not taking the key steps they should to protect a patients private health information. EHR vendors that host data in the cloud should be complying with HIPAA regulations

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Demand for Flexible Payment Solutions continues

USPS isn’t showing any sign of recovering from the strain generated by the COVID-19 quarantines, and now mother nature has thrown inclement weather into the mix. Bills are reaching patients late and their mailed in payments are reaching the physician’s … Continue reading

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Responding to volatile times with our Smart Payment Portal

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our landscape on many fronts.  The way we connect with our patients is paramount among these.   It’s that connectivity that fuels our medical practices and provides us with the means to best meet the needs … Continue reading

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How will using iNtelli-Bill Billing Service increase my bottom line?

The first thing you need to consider is iNtelli-Bill’s focus is solely on Medical Billing. –  And we consider ourselves to be the best. iNtelli-Bill is staffed with professionally trained Medical Billers.

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