Responding to volatile times with our Smart Payment Portal

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our landscape on many fronts.  The way we connect with our patients is paramount among these.   It’s that connectivity that fuels our medical practices and provides us with the means to best meet the needs of our patients.  Increasingly, patients are reporting that they are more comfortable paying when presented with multiple options such as electronic payments.  Like many of the changes we are witnessing, many believe this to be a permanent shift in consumer demand. 

Here are three key aspects of the Smart Payment Portal that will make it an invaluable addition to your practice. 

1) Using our Practice Management system – We provide fast, easy, and secure notification of patient balances straight from their current account balance to their smart device of choice or e-mail. The system is built so that it can be set to run automatically with the messages increasing in urgency with time, freeing up your staff to take care of other pressing matters.

2) Embedded in their message is the option to download a current copy of their statement.  This will answer any questions they have about their balance and reduce the phone calls to the front office.  You will have more time to spend with patients requiring your medical expertise.

3) After reviewing their statement, they can then make their payment with just a click of their device.  Their balance is then updated in their account.  The entire process takes place without taking up valuable employee time or relying on an employee’s work schedule.

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Is my EHR data safe?

Some EMR companies are not taking the key steps they should to protect a patients private health information. EHR vendors that host data in the cloud should be complying with HIPAA regulations Continue reading

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Demand for Flexible Payment Solutions continues

USPS isn’t showing any sign of recovering from the strain generated by the COVID-19 quarantines, and now mother nature has thrown inclement weather into the mix. Bills are reaching patients late and their mailed in payments are reaching the physician’s office later than ever before. Even generations that have historically been resistant to change, are seeking digital solutions to counter the failing mail system. Excerpts from an article on is representative of the frustrations being felt nationwide.

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How will using iNtelli-Bill Billing Service increase my bottom line?

The first thing you need to consider is iNtelli-Bill’s focus is solely on Medical Billing. –  And we consider ourselves to be the best. iNtelli-Bill is staffed with professionally trained Medical Billers. Continue reading

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